'Great Honer': Trump Goes On Typo-Filled Twitter Rant


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made one thing clear following the Feb. 26 Houston GOP debate: He needs to use a spell checker.

In a series of tweets, Trump misspelled “honor” and “lightweight.”

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He also repeatedly used the word “chocker” to describe his opponent Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. At first it may appear to be a misspelling as it is not the most commonly used adjective, but he did spell it correctly, and it means to be “tired of” or “disgusted with something.” Whether he used the word correctly is up for debate.

All of Trump’s misspellings have since been corrected on Twitter.

Did Trump win the GOP debate, as he claims?

According to two online surveys, he was the clear winner.

Of the 538,438 participants to date in a Drudge Report survey, 54.45 percent choose Trump as the debate's winner. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas comes in a distant second with 20.51 percent, and Rubio musters 17.44 percent. Gov. of Ohio John Kasich and Ben Carson each have below 5 percent.

A TIME poll also finds Trump was victorious over his opponents. Of the 65,828 votes counted thus far as of Feb. 27, Trump has received 69 percent. Rubio has the second place showing with 21 percent. Cruz, Kasich and Carson each have not received more than 5 percent of votes.

Sources: Donald Trump/TwitterDrudge Report, TIME / Photo credit: Disney-ABC Television Group/Flickr

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