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Great Dane Sanctuary Owner Says She Speaks With Dead Pets (Video)

Ann Heinrich, the founder and owner of the Great Dane Sanctuary in Siren, Wisconsin (video below), recently said that she speaks to dead pets.

"Being an animal communicator I often have the opportunity to visit with the spirits of animals that have pass," Heinrich posted on Facebook on Dec. 2 "They tell me we humans should not fear death, it is just passing on to another place.

"I do not feel sorry for an animal when it passes, it is us humans I feel for. It about tears our heart out and we shed many tears. I still shed tears for my very first Dane from 40 years ago. Ann."

Heinrich then told one Facebook commenter: "[Y]es, my website is And I didn't post this to generate business, it just came from my heart."

However, Heinrich charges between $100 to $300 to talk to people's dead animals, Friendly Atheist notes.

The $100 is the fee to communicate animals who have been dead at least a week, $125 is the cost to talk to lost animals who have been missing for a week or less, and folks will have to pony up $300 "for pet expos up to three day events," according to the website.

"The minimum is $300 per day, free booth space and lodging if the event is more than 3 hours drive each way," Heinrich writes on the website. "I will be available to give short talks regarding animal communication."

In an interview with WQOW, Heinrich said that she was accepting donations and that the animal shelter was experiencing financial difficulties.

Sources: Facebook (2),, WQOW interview via, Friendly Atheist / Photo Credit: WQOW Screenshot

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