Grandmothers Try To Translate Modern Slang (Video)

Some grandmas recently tried to figure out what modern slang words mean (with hilarious results).

Elite Daily posted the video (below), which shows the seniors trying to figure out "bae."

Once they learned it stood for "Before All Else," when referring to your sweetheart, one granny said, “I'm gonna include that in my sexting," noted the Daily Mail.

None of the elderly women could translate "rachet," but one of them wondered aloud, "I thought maybe it was something you use to fix a vibrator," noted The Huffington Post.

Another granny stated, "All I know is if the Housewives of Atlanta are calling everybody 'ratchet,' I know it is not a good thing."

The seniors thought "turnt" was a version of "turn," when it's really closer to intoxication and being too excited.

They also missed the slang meanings of "whip," "shade," OD," "deadass" and "wavy."

Sources: The Huffington Post, Daily Mail,Elite Daily
Image Credit: Elite Daily Screenshot


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