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Grandma Gifted With A Puppy For Christmas (Video)

After a grandmother was heartbroken by the passing of her beloved dog, her family resolved to give her a very special Christmas present. When the grieving dog-lover was finally given her gift, her reaction was equal parts devastating and heartwarming (video below).

One cozy Christmas Day, the Stine family had a very special surprise prepared for their grandmother. Seated on the couch, the matriarch was given her elaborate gift in installments, much to her confusion, Shareably reports.

"These are hints," Merri-Lee Stine, who was recording the scene, told her mother.

The first gift was a toy giraffe, which drew an expression of bafflement from the bespectacled grandmother.

"Okay, he's adorable," the grandmother said as she held the plush toy. "I never saw them that little!"

Next up was another plush toy in the form of piglet, which the grandmother promptly gave an affectionate kiss before setting down.

"Any idea yet?" Stine queried.

Her mother shook her head in response before unwrapping her third gift; a little toy lamb.

"These all have a connection and these are all a clue to what your main gift is," Stine explained to her mother.

Completely baffled, the grandmother could not figure out what grand reveal the three toys were hinting at. Her husband joined her on the couch, affectionately rubbing her shoulder as she was told to close her eyes. With his snowy white beard and her lovely demeanor, the couple could be confused for Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

The grandmother shut her eyes tight and awaited her gift. It came in the form of a shaggy little dog plopped down on her lap.

"Oh my God," the grandmother said in disbelief, her eyes wide as she surveyed her family before focusing her attention on her new furry friend.

An avid animal lover, the grandmother had been bereaved when her beloved Chihuahua passed away months beforehand, according to People Pets.

Looking down at her new dog, the matriarch was overcome with emotion as her family told her that his name was Archie, but that she could rename him whatever she fancied.

"Oh my God," the grandmother said again, this time with tears in her eyes, deeply moved by both her adorable new companion and the thoughtfulness displayed by her family.

Animal rights advocates largely advise against surprising someone with a new pet for Christmas. Statistics show that the holiday is followed by a surge in dogs and cats being given to shelters by owners who had not chosen them, according to The Dodo.

In this case, the dog appears in no danger of being given away -- the grandmother seems to immediately fall in love him. The special gift also reflects how much the grandmother is loved by her family.

Sources: The Dodo, People PetsShareably / Photo Credit: Mofle/Wikimedia Commons

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