Grandmother Threatens Boy With Knife (Video)


A grandmother pulled a knife on her grandson and threatened to cut him because he was being disrespectful (video below).

In the footage, the grandmother can be seen in the front passenger seat of a car while her grandson sits in the back.

"Shut the f--- up," she says while the boy laughs.

The grandmother then reaches into a purse as the boy continues to laugh. She produces a knife from the purse and the person filming then tells her to "be careful."

"Shut the f--- up!" she yells while pointing the knife at her grandson. "Shut the f--- up!" She then unbuckles her seatbelt and prepares to move closer to the boy.

"Shut the f--- up now," she demands. "I'll stick it up all the way up your god---- a--." The boy begins to cower in fear, moving as far into his seat as possible to avoid the knife, says Daily Mail.

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"You ain't gonna do me like that, I will f--- your ass up," she shouts. "Shut the f--- up, shut the f--- up now."

"Yes, ma'am," the grandson replies.

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"If you think I'm playing with your god---- a--, I'm just as crazy as you is," she continues. What occurred before the camera began rolling is unclear, as is the location or date of the shocking confrontation.

In another grandson-grandparent incident, a New Orleans, Louisiana, grandmother was arrested in the death of her toddler grandson after a gun was discharged in her bed.  The bullet struck the boy in the chest, killing him.

Deonca Kennedy was charged with negligent homicide for the incident, and it was later revealed that she was once accused of threatening her estranged husband's life.

At the time of that incident in 2005, Kennedy was charged with solicitation for murder and public intimidation. The case was ultimately dismissed, the Times-Picayune reported.

Watch the shocking knife incident below.

Sources: Medium Viral Videos/YouTube, Daily MailTimes Picayune / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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