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Grandma Terrified By Virtual Reality Headset (Video)

A video (below) of a grandmother using a virtual reality headset for the first time during Christmas 2015 and screaming for her life has surfaced.

The Oculus Rift headset was giving the elderly woman a virtual roller coaster ride, which did not go well, according to the Daily Mail.

In the video, the granny screams and waves her hands as her loving family laughs.

"My eyes are closed!," she cries.

"Keep your eyes open," someone tells her.

On a video monitor behind the woman, her family can see what she is experiencing during her frightful fit.

As the the precious holiday moment continues, the granny slides down her chair while screaming, as a man and a boy try to help her.

Eventually, she ends up on the floor, bringing howls of laughter from her loved ones.

She appears to be motionless, and someone shouts, "I think she's passed out!"

Getting grandmothers to try virtual reality headsets and filming their reactions has become an internet trend over the past few years.

A 90-year-old grandma tried an Oculus Rift headset in 2013, CNET notes. A man named Paul Rivot posted a video of her enjoying it.

That senior was taking a virtual reality tour of Tuscany, Italy, rather than being on a roller coaster.

Grandma Rivot said at the time: "It's so real. It's a picture in here, huh? ... You know what, is it my eyes, or are the leaves blowing in the wind? Oh, man ... Now originally, were these taken in Tuscany? Oh my. Oh my. It looks like the sun is coming up ... Oh this is something else. And I'm still sitting where I was? Holy mackerel. If I ever to explain this to someone, they wouldn't believe me."

In December 2015, an 88-year-old woman named Marie tried on Google’s Virtual Reality cardboard headset, The Independent noted.

In a video uploaded by Marie's grandson, Mark Nutt, the elderly woman laughed and exclaimed, "Oh my goodness!"

Sources: Daily MailCNET, The Independent / Photo Credit: Mail Online via Always Better News/YouTube

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