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Goodwill Encourages People to Donate Ex's Stuff On Valentine's Day

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A Florida Goodwill branch launched an anti-Valentine's Day campaign encouraging people to donate their ex's things.

The campaign, called "Donate Your Ex's Stuff," was launched at Goodwill stores in Sarasota and is meant to be a way for single people to get rid of the physical baggage of past relationships, said WGN TV.

"We’re telling people they can turn the hate into donate and they’ll feel great in the process," public relations coordinator Kelly Davis Strausbaugh said. 

"Instead of throwing items away, they can donate to Goodwill and help turn them into jobs. We don’t like break-ups but this is a way to make it a little more fun and tongue-in-cheek.”

The campaign, which was started in Pennsylvania in 2010, begins on Feb. 15, according to ABC News. 

Sources: ABC News, WGNTV / Photo credit: ABC News

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