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Good Samaritans Save Woman, 89, From Speeding Train (Video)

Two good Samaritans saved an 89-year-old woman from being hit by a commuter train in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, on March 8 (video below).

Saddle Brook Police Chief Robert Kugler told the Saddle Brook-Elmwood Park Daily Voice that the elderly woman was using two canes as she tried to cross the train tracks in the middle of the afternoon.

The railroad crossing arms were coming down as Jonathan Mango, a 28-year-old bystander, ran across the tracks to help the elderly woman across.

Seconds later, an unidentified man came from the opposite direction to lend a hand.

They were able to get the woman off the tracks before the train came speeding by. The dramatic moments were recorded by an unidentified motorist's dashcam.

According to Kugler, the senior, who was shaken but uninjured, was taken to a local hospital by an ambulance to be evaluated:

The woman is always walking through our community and in all types of weather conditions -- attracting many to gaze and many others to offer assistance. She certainly had the angels watching over her today. These two individuals, angels themselves without a doubt, saved her from a near disaster.

Jonathan told WABC how he was sitting in his car, and watching a potential tragedy unfold:

I'm watching and I see her going across and I'm like "this isn't feeling right." I saw the train was really coming. I sprinted onto the tracks and I pulled her by the arm. She was scared, like I was trying to do something. She actually stopped because she was scared, so then I tried grabbing her arm and then really tried pulling her. She was having a lot of trouble.

Jonathan said he had seen the same woman only minutes before at a drive-thru.

"I'm not a hero, not anything," he added. "I just saw something and something needed to be done."

The police called Jonathan at his work to thank him for his bravery, and his sister Alyssa tweeted the WABC report with this caption: "My brother saved an old lady's life today. big ups to him for being such a caring selfless dude."

Alyssa also posted the WABC story her Facebook page, and bragged on her sibling some more:

Beyond proud to say this Good Samaritan was my brother. This act is so reflective of who he is as a person. Just a genuine selfless human always wanting to help others. I love you so much Jon Mango you're always a supah hero to me.

Sources: Saddle Brook-Elmwood Park Daily Voice, WABC, Alyssa Mango/Twitter, Alyssa Mango/Facebook / Photo credit: CZmarlin/Wikimedia Commons

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