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Bystanders Come To Man's Rescue After He Falls Onto Subway Tracks (Video)

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Surveillance video (shown below) from a Philadelphia Subway station captured the terrifying moment that a man fell off the platform and onto the tracks – as well as his rescue at the hands of a heroic Good Samaritan.

The incident, which lasted just over 30 seconds, began when a man was walking near the edge of the Subway platform. While walking, he made a small misstep and lost his balance, falling down onto the tracks. Those on the platform began to panic, with some scattering and running for help and others rushing to the edge to see if the man was okay.

One brave man, later identified as 28-year-old Charles Collins, quickly went the extra mile and jumped onto the tracks to help get the man to safety. He rapidly helped the man to his feet and gave him a boost back onto the platform while those above pulled him up and back on safe ground.

Collins then hoisted himself up onto the platform, where subway passengers were attending to the fallen man. The victim of the terrifying fall was later identified as Alfred McNamee.

“This was a case where everybody almost in view jumped in and got involved,” SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestal said.

According to SEPTA, McNamee suffered broken bones and is expected to make a full recovery. Collins also suffered a minor leg injury.

Watch the terrifying video below.

Sources: LiveLeak, NBC Philadelphia

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