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Golfer Hits Ball Between Legs Of Friend (Video)

A video (below) of a golfer hitting a ball between the legs of a friend has gone viral.

Originally posted on Instagram by Golf Gods Sept. 14, the video shows the friend voluntarily standing just feet from the tee as the golfer swings and avoids causing his buddy some serious injury.

The video includes the caption: "playing the ultimate trust game."

In more golf news, a giant orange dinosaur figure has been saved from extinction in Saugus, Massachusetts, where it has lived on an 18-hole miniature golf course.

The Route 1 Miniature Golf & Batting Cages, which was opened in 1958, is closing soon, notes

The attraction includes the famous 20-foot dinosaur, an ice cream stand, batting cages, and the golf course.

The park and nearby property will be turned into a $120 million housing development, Essex Landing, that will include 250 one-bedroom apartments and a hotel.

One of the partners in the development, Michael Barsamian, bought the iconic orange dinosaur and plans to put it near the new hotel and a pitch and putt net.

"It’s like the Citgo sign," Barsamian told the news site. "Everyone knows it and we plan to use it on the site."

The park's former owner, Diana Fay, said her family received many offers to buy the dinosaur: "I would love to be able to leave him right where he is, if they can put him in their plans. People want to pick him up and move him to this town or that town. The Saugonians want to see him stay put. They feel like he’s a part of the town and our history."

Fay said the park had "the encore season" this past summer, and added: "As I look over my golf course, it looks amazing. Everything is green and looking so pristine. It looks like we’re open for the season. It’s hard to think fall is around the corner and the end of the family business is paramount. Fall flowers are out and everything looks beautiful. It’s a happy place."

Sources: Golf Gods/Instagram, / Photo credit: Golf Gods/Instagram via YouTube

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