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This Golden Retriever Loves To Hug People (Photos)

If you're walking around Manhattan, you'll want to keep an eye out for Louboutina "Loubie" the golden retriever. If you're lucky, you might even get a hug from her.

Loubie is famous in her New York neighborhood for giving the best hugs in town. Her Instagram page (yes, she has one!) has 157,000 followers because people just can't get enough of the fluffy pup that loves nothing more than wrapping her forelegs around a good friend and cuddling.

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"Sometimes people run up and ask for a hug, but I tell them, 'I don't think it's going to happen,' because she has to bond with that person first," Loubie's owner, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, told The Dodo. "But when she sits next to someone, then I say, 'You're probably going to get a hug.'"

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Loubie has the technique down after lots of practice, so she is basically a hugging pro now.

"She gets a very good grip, depending on where I'm standing," Fernandez-Chavez explained. "I have to make sure that I'm keeping well-balanced."

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Loubie wasn't always a hugger. Her unique way of giving affection started in early 2014, when she would hold Fernandez-Chavez's hand while he was going through a breakup.

"She started sitting up and grabbing my hands with both of her paws, and then crossing the other paw over her paw," Fernandez-Chavez said. "I remember joking with my friends, 'At least I have someone to hold hands with during Valentine's.'"

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From that point on, she just loved to hold hands with people while they were out and about on their walks.

"She would just sit up and cross her paw over the other, and look around like a lady," said Loubie's owner. "People passing by were like, 'Oh my god, she's so cute.'"

Then one day, Loubie started hugging.

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"Instead of asking me to do the holding hands thing, she just sat up, very close to my legs, and she'd wrap her legs around my knees," Fernandez-Chavez recalled. "I thought, 'This is weird. What's going on?' But I let her do it."

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Loubie has reportedly always been an affectionate pup. When the pair would run into neighbors on their walks, Loubie's owner says she used to lean up against them, as many dogs do as a sign of friendship. But one day, she started hugging them instead.

Now, when they go on walks, Fernandez-Chavez said they "don't get to go too far" because they are busy giving out lots of hugs.

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"It's nice to see people walk away with a smile," Fernandez-Chavez said. "Especially with everything that is happening now, people say it's so good to see this on the street. She's bringing them joy. It's very rewarding."

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