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Golden Retriever Helps Injured Dog And Pulls Him To Safety In Istanbul (Video)

Dogs have always been known as man’s best friend, but this heartbreaking video featuring a golden retriever risking his own life to save an injured dog shows that these animals are just as loyal to their own.

In the clip below, a golden retriever crosses a busy highway in Istanbul, Turkey, to pull his friend to safety after he was ran over by a car, according to the Daily Mail.

The golden retriever rushes to the aid of the bloodied dog as he lies helpless at the side of the road.

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He then drags him onto the grass, moving out of the way of oncoming traffic, sits down and tries to resuscitate his severely injured friend by giving him a few licks.

The canine then patiently waits with his pal at the side of the busy highway.

The tragic clip was first posted to the video sharing site, Live Leak. According to the Daily Mirror, the footage was also uploaded by Zaman TV this week, but it is unclear whether the golden retriever’s friend survived.

Watch a version of the video here:

Sources: Daily Mail,Daily Mirror / Photo Credit: Zaman TV/YouTube, Ruptly/LiveLeak


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