Italian Goalkeeper Scores Own Goal, Losing Soccer Match For His Team (Video)

Daniele Padelli, the goalkeeper for Italy's Torino soccer team, accidentally kicked the ball into his own goal, resulting in a score for Empoli, who won the game 1-0 on May 6.

A video (below) from the game's broadcast captured the heartbreaking moment when Padelli received a backpass from a teammate, but put the ball in his own net, Bleacher Report notes.

The goal came with only three minutes left in the Serie A match.

Padelli waved an apology to the crowd, The Guardian reports.

Padelli once played a single game in 2007 for English team Liverpool, where he allowed two goals.

Yahoo! Sport UK & Ireland notes that Padelli was previously with Italian team Sampdoria before being loaned to Liverpool.

Sources: The Guardian, The Bleacher Report, Yahoo! Sport UK & Ireland
Image Credit: BT Sport Screenshot


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