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Girls Softball Dads Get Into Violent Fight (Video)

A bizarre video (below) featuring two softball dads getting into a fight on July 15 has surfaced.

According to, the fight occurred at a girl’s softball game, although it had no information on whether it was before or after the game. posted a police report that identified the men as Michael Barbella and Michael Duffy.

Barbella allegedly traveled to Wicomico County, Maryland, to confront Duffy and other parents of an opposing softball team at the Wicomico County Youth and Civic Center.

Barbella reportedly challenged Duffy to a fight via text messages.

Barbella and Duffy were both arrested and booked. Barbella was held in on $20,000 bail, while Duffy was released on his own recognizance.

The charges in the incident included second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and affray, but it's not clear who was charged with which crime.

(Note: Fight begins at 1:15 mark, one dad is bloodied on face)

Sources:, / Image credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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