Indiana Girls High School Basketball Teams Brawl, Seasons Are Canceled (Video)


The varsity girls basketball teams of Ben Davis and Pike high schools in Indianapolis, and their fans, got into a wild brawl during the closing minutes of a game on Jan. 16 (video below).

"These acts are not going to be tolerated," Indiana High School Athletic Association Commissioner Bobby Cox announced at a press conference on Jan. 18, notes WRTV.

Both teams have been suspended for the rest of the season, and will be on probation during the 2016-2017 year.

According to a press release by the IHSAA, the punishments also include: "Each basketball coach (paid and voluntary) from both schools shall complete the Teaching and Modeling Behavior course available on the website."

"Each student ‐- athlete, varsity or junior varsity present at this contest from both schools shall complete the Sportsmanship course found on the website."

Sources: WRTV, Indiana High School Athletic Association, YouTube / Photo credit: WRTV

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