Girl Who Was Inexplicably Paralyzed Walks Again After 11 Days, Surprises Favorite Nurse (Video)


A girl who was paralyzed from the waist down inexplicably surprised her favorite nurse when she revealed she could walk again after 11 days.

In a video (below) posted online, the girl is seen wheeling herself down the hallway of the hospital where she’d been staying for 11 days. Her favorite nurse came toward her to give her a hug, but as the nurse went to bend down to the height of the wheelchair, the girl stood up to reveal that she’d regained use of her legs. The shocked nurse let out a scream and began to cry tears of joy.

“Yes! Thank you Lord, thank you!” the nurse said as she and the teen embraced. Through tears, the teen told her she’d just become able to walk again earlier that day.

“I told you,” the nurse said to the girl. “Just keep that faith.”

“I love it when you see people who aren't there just for a paycheck,” Redditor Darth_Vaper_ commented. “It's awesome. Lots of nurses really do care about their patients,” user Thebloodofthematador replied.

Watch the emotional moment below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screen Capture via YouTube

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