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Chinese Girl Loses Hair In Risky Challenge (Video)


Don’t try this at home (video below).

Information on a risky dare with a potentially dangerous outcome has spread online. In China, a new challenge has become a nationwide trend. The trend started with a man ate a corn cob in about 10 seconds using a rotating drill, according to WTVT.

But what happened to one Chinese teenager after she tried the same thing is a warning to anyone who thinks power tools are toys.

In the video, the girl can be seen with a drill, about to try the challenge. Unfortunately, she did not remember to tie back her long hair. Some of her hair gets caught on the tool and is yanked out of her scalp.

Although media sources state the girl appeared to be "mostly unfazed," comments on social media suggest the teenager was in shock and did not know what to do next.

"I feel so sorry for her losing your hair is the last thing a girl wants to do," wrote Bella TheArtistMCPE on YouTube.

"She wasnt calm," wrote Sara Emily. "Still trying to think what just hit her. Just too shocked to react. Hahah."

"It's either shock or holy crap, that is one tough lady to not be screaming her head off when that happened," said Daniel Satterfield.

Later, the girl is shown being examined by a doctor, who allegedly told the teenager her hair will grow back, but it will take a long time. Given the tool she used for the challenge, some believe she was lucky she wasn't injured.

"That is a 10 amp rotary hammer this girl is foolishly using," wrote dave m. "High amp power tools ALWAYS must be used with care and safety in mind ... I've seen my hammer actually toss lighter people about 10 feet when not braced properly and if the bit hangs up. In other words, she's lucky that machine didn't scalp her outright."

Sources: WTVT, ViralWorld/YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube via WTVT

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