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Boy Shoves Girlfriend Over A Cliff In France (Video)

Footage of a boyfriend pushing his girlfriend off a cliff in France has gone viral, with some calling the incident a hoax (video below).  

The Daily Mail reports that an unseen male walks an unnamed female along a rocky beachfront on the shores of France.  The girl leads the boy by the hand, and as they approach the water, they step to the edge of a small cliff.  The girl turns to smile at the camera, and just as she does so, the boy's hand reaches out and shoves her.  She falls over the edge of the cliff with a squeal, and lands in the mud below.  

The girl lands face down in the muck, and the boy's hand turns into a thumbs-up sign in front of the camera.  The footage ends there, with the girl motionless at the bottom of the cliff. 

Although it is difficult to tell just how far down the girl fell, based on the time it took for her to reach bottom it doesn't seem like an extreme fall, at least not one that would leave her seriously injured or dead.  

However, there is no way to know for certain. 

Some have suggested that the video is a hoax, and that the girl seems prepared to fall as she tumbles over the cliff's edge. 

What do you think? 

Sources: Daily Mail, RM Videos/YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube via Daily Mail

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