Girl Scouts Not Paid For Cookies By 'Oscars' (Video)


Members of the Girl Scouts Troop 5215 from Inglewood, California, sold $65,000 worth of cookies during the "Academy Awards" thanks to host Chris Rock, who urged wealthy audience members to buy the sweets during the Feb. 28 broadcast (video below).

Latoya Edwards, one of the scout's moms, recently told TMZ that the National Girl Scout Council told their scout troop that the Academy would be donating the money to the Greater L.A. Girl Scout Council, but no money has arrived yet.

Edwards added that the Academy has not returned phone calls about the 400 boxes of unpaid cookies.

According to Edwards, Girl Scouts Troop 5215 can only accept $1,000 of the money due to nonprofit rules, but she is worried that the scouts got played on national TV for a PR gimmick.

The Girls Scouts of America told the celebrity news site: "The donation process is determined by local councils," but the Academy did not respond to questions from TMZ.

After the TMZ story broke, a spokesperson for the Academy told Variety: “Of course we have every intention of honoring our commitment to the Girl Scouts. They were such a highlight, and we were happy to have them.”

The spokesperson said that the payment to the scouts will come as soon as possible, but apparently the billing and payment process takes time.

CINEMA BLEND suggested that payment processing was the reason for delay before the Academy issued their comment: "Still, it’s likely that this is just a case [of] red tape delaying things, rather than the Academy not following through on their pledge to make the donation. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is a big organization with a lot of moving parts. It’s very possible that the paperwork hasn’t made it to accounts payable yet.

"Maybe the Oscars only writes checks once a month. If the paperwork missed the deadline it could still be awhile before the money is transferred. It’s only been two weeks, you got to figure the Academy works on a minimum of 30 day terms, right?"

Sources: TMZ, Variety, CINEMA BLEND / Photo credit: RomooH7B/YouTube

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