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Mom Defends Daughter's 'Provocative' Outfit

A complaint posted to a Facebook group by a Pennsylvania woman is garnering an outpouring of support.

It involved an incident that took place at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Monroeville, Pittsburgh, reports WPXI.

As Erin Wissner explained on the Across Westmoreland Facebook group, another woman at the trampoline park told Wissner’s 18-year-old daughter that she was dressed too provocatively, which was distracting her husband and son.

Wissner’s post includes a photo of herself with her daughter, who is seen wearing the "offensive" T-shirt and shorts.

Regarding her daughter’s attire, she pointed out that it was standard athletic wear, and went on to explain that the teenager was in the military and was home on leave after months of active duty, which had given her a “rocking hard a** body.”

Then she told the woman: “Perhaps you should be more concerned with your pathetic husband that can't keep his eyes off young women. Consider blaming his behavior and not her attire. Teach your son that women are not sex objects to be ogled.”

Wissner wrote about her daughter's military status:

What you don't know is that you were addressing Private First Class Walters. An 18 year old young strong woman that left her family to take an oath to defend you and your family. This is the first time she's been home in 5 months and was enjoying some freedom and fun with her younger siblings before returning to her post next week where she will continue to bravely protect this country. A soldier. While you and your family were wearing shorts this summer, she was wearing camo fatigues and boots, carrying a 100 backpack, mile upon mile in 102 degree heat.

In her concluding remarks to the woman, Wissner said that she and her daughter “truly feel sorry for you and your insecurities.”

Sources: WPXI, Across Westmoreland/Facebook / Photo credit: WPXI

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