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Girl Posts Picture To Facebook, Dad Responds With Amusing Recreation (Photo)


A father’s hilarious response to his daughter’s Facebook photo went viral.

The photo (below), shared by the girl’s sibling on Reddit, showed the girl’s legs dressed in long socks with a cup of coffee next to her and a laptop close by. The coffee cup reads, “Warm & Cozy.”

“My sister posted a picture to Facebook, my dad responded,” the Redditor wrote.

The father’s photo showed him striking a similar pose, except wearing extravagantly-colored tube socks and sitting in his boxers with a less photogenic coffee mug and laptop nearby.

The amusing photo quickly went viral, with many Redditors expressing sarcastic concern over the sister spilling her coffee all over her bed. 

“Man - what is the deal with your sister?! She's going to spill that coffee all over her sheets,” one Redditor commented.

“Right?! Very irresponsible. She is the youngest if that explains anything,” the sibling responded.

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