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Girl Posts Boyfriend's Cheating Texts Onto Social Media (Photos)

A Michigan woman sought revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend by publicly sharing texts he sent to his ex-lover.

What's more, the woman -- known only as Ashley -- not only posted the intimate texts with her own annotations written on them onto social media, she sent his messages to the man's workplace, the Daily Mail reports.

"Cute texts from the boyfriend, except they weren't to me," Ashley's Twitter caption read. "So [they're] in my trunk. He's in for a surprise."

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While the incident occurred two years ago, the texts have since resurfaced online and are drawing attention.

In the text messages, the man lies to his ex-girlfriend that he is single and asks to meet up, explaining "I'm h**** and miss you."

"Aw cute," reads the annotation Ashley writes next to it, after commenting "'Wait you don't?" when he wrote he didn't have a girlfriend.

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It seems the other woman wasn't pleased with his response either.

"Miss me my a** don't even try lying like that again if u just want a booty call grow up and say that," she wrote in reply.

While Ashley certainly succeeded in publicly shaming her now ex-boyfriend, it seems it didn't make her feel entirely better.

"A piece of me for four years was just ripped out of me, all I want to do is drown myself in birthday cake ice cream and cry," she later wrote.

But perhaps things are better now for Ashley. Her Twitter account, now private, reveals a photo of the girl with someone who may be a new boyfriend.

Ashley's certainly not the first woman to use social media against a cheating partner.

Shantasia Phillips, 18, tweeted a fake ultrasound photo after her former lover blocked her number, reportedly hoping his new girlfriend would dump him.

Kyle Harris, 25, denied impregnating Shantasia, saying they used a condom.

Yet the Twitter exchanged that followed only revealed Harris hadn't just cheated with her, but many others when he called Shantasia "one of [his] side chicks."

Harris was then dumped by the other woman. He showed remorse, tweeting: 

"The only woman that ever had my back is gone. I f***** up big time."

Sources: Daily Mail (2), Twitter/Ashley Ohhhhh / Photo credit: Twitter/Ashley Ohhhhh via Daily Mail

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