Girl Mistakes Shampoo For Hair Removal Cream


Photos of a bald girl who apparently used hair removal cream instead of shampoo have gone viral.

Kayla Connors from Massachusetts posted photographs of her sister to Twitter, showing the girl scowling with a bald head, the Daily Mail reports.

Apparently the girl confused Nair hair removal cream for shampoo.

Kayla tweeted, "My sister thought Nair was shampoo," along with a red-faced emoji.

Another photo shows Kayla hiding behind the giant bottle of Nair she allegedly mistook for shampoo.

But many have pointed out that the photos are likely a hoax.

"Such a horrendous Photoshop, look at the hairline," one photograph viewer wrote.

Another added that Kayla used an app to create the bald look.

"Isn't this just a bald app?" another viewer wrote. "The top left of her scalp looks glitched out."

Another added that hair removal cream cannot possibly work that fast. 

"Yeah sorry, it really doesn't work THAT fast, and smells so gross you would have to be REALLY dumb to not freak out and get it out instantly," the viewer wrote.

Sources: Daily Mail, Kayla Connors/Twitter / Photo Credit: Distractify

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