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Girl Miraculously Survives Deadly Crash

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One Minnesota family is convinced they've witnessed a "miracle" after their daughter survived what should have been a deadly car crash.

Hannah Smith, 21, lost control of her Toyota Camry and went tumbling down the highway before her car was ripped in half, reports WDAY.

"I get emotional every time I think about it, when I think about her in that car, tumbling, breaking into two," Todd Smith, Hannah's father, remembers.

Authorities rushed to the scene fully expecting to recover a dead body. Yet upon scouring the heaps of metal that was once the car, they found an injured -- but alive -- Hannah.

Paramedics were shocked.

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"There was one portion of that car that was survivable and that's where she ended up," Todd said.

"The one guy told us he's been doing this for 15 years and he honestly didn't expect anyone to be alive in there," he adds. "He'd never seen anyone survive such a catastrophic accident."

What's more, it turned out Hannah received minimal injuries, considering the severity of the accident; she only suffered a fractured sternum, pelvis, and had surgery on a broken arm.

"There was something other than that little Toyota Camry that saved her life," said Todd. "I don't believe in good luck. I think that God saved her."

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Many agree with Todd that this was an act of divine intervention.

"God is in all things and was in that car for this young woman to make it out alive, so she can accomplish the things He has in His perfect plan for her," wrote a Mad World News writer. "[Hannah's] path in life didn't end there on that road. Looking at this car and seeing her today should be faith-affirming to believers and convince the skeptical that there's more at work than our earthly minds can comprehend."

It's just one of the many times a person has gone through a catastrophic crash and somehow survived.

A 3-year-old girl was the sole survivor of a small plane crash in Russia, thanks to a teacher who cocooned her body, the Mirror reports.

"When the witnesses ran up to the crashed plane, there was silence," recalls Natalia Petukhova, a local airport official.

"Then I heard somebody was crying," adds Petukhova. "The girl was sitting in her seat wearing a safety belt, next to a woman. This woman was Olga Laponnikova. She had covered the girl with her body."

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