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Girl With Autism Becomes Inseparable From Her Pit Bull (Video)

Pit bulls are a vilified dog breed, perceived by many as dangerous. One moving example that crushes that stereotype is the friendship between an autistic girl and her best friend (video below).

Lacy is a young girl whose autism has rendered her nonverbal. Her inability to speak has made bonding with other children a challenge. Fortunately, she has a loyal and trusted companion in Karma, a red nose pit bull that has been in the family since she was a puppy.

Their friendship isn't dictated by biases or social stigma. Because the girl doesn't care about Karma's breed, and the pit bull does not recognize Lacy's difficulties in socializing, both have been able to bond without judgment, Shareably reports.

The two are inseparable, roaming around their family's property together and hanging out in the house. They even take naps together, cuddling beneath the blankets. Wherever Lacy goes, Karma is by her side, following her like a loving protector.

The video documenting their beautiful relationship became a viral hit, accruing over 1 million views on YouTube. Lacy's mother, Amanda Linder, noted that Karma had never been trained as therapy dog but has rescued her daughter.

"There are best friends!" Linder wrote. "Karma has never had any type of 'therapy dog' training yet she [instinctively] is understanding of Lacy's needs. I wanted to share her with the world! I want to share a REAL 'pit bull.' She is a blessing to my child and continues to be a blessing to our family."

In July 2014, a YouGov/Huffington Post poll found that only 31 percent of U.S. adults would consider adopting a pit bull while 50 percent would not. Of those polled, 59 percent said that the breed was "very dangerous" or "somewhat dangerous," while only 24 percent viewed them as "not very dangerous," YouGov reports.

The poll found that only 11 percent of respondents would be in favor of their families with small children considering adopting a pit bull while 51 percent said that they would advise against it.

Pit bulls' negative reputation was born out their history of being trained as fighting dogs. Karma is a red nose pit bull, a variation of the American pit bull terrier that is increasingly hard to find. They have largely been bred to not be aggressive but social, although many of them remain fiercely protective if they sense that their owner is being threatened, according to the American Bully Daily.

Sources: Amanda Linder/YouTube, American Bully DailyShareably, YouGov / Photo credit: Amanda Linder/Shareably

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