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Girl Reportedly Assaulted By Bullies On Playground (Photos)


Photos of a girl’s injuries after she was allegedly assaulted on the playground at school went viral.

Adele Hargreaves uploaded the photos of her 12-year-old sister, Bethany, after she was reportedly battered at Deanery High School in Wigan, England. 

The pictures showed the girl with a bloodied nose and knees.

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“Whoever has attacked my sister I hope you're pleased with yourselves — f------ bullies!!!” Hargreaves wrote alongside the pictures. She called for the bullies to be expelled from school for the “disgraceful” incident.

“This bulling has been going on for the past 15 month it needs to stop!!!!” 

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Adele contacted police to report the incident.

In later photographs, Adele was pictured with Bethany smiling and laughing despite the cuts from the attack.

“She still manages to smile after everything that's happened,” she wrote. “Love my little sister.”

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Adele said her sister would no longer be attending the school as a result of the incident. Headteacher Janice Rowlands later released a statement acknowledging the bullying.

“The incident, which took place at the end of the school day, arose as a result of a falling out among individuals who were in a previous friendship group,” the statement read.

“This often happens among pupils of this age. We take any incident of this kind extremely seriously and a soon as it was properly reported to us we took swift action according to school’s [behavior] policies. Our investigations showed that one pupil was pushed over and the one who did this came into school yesterday to confess to this. Meetings were held with the school, police and the family of the girl who was pushed. All was resolved to everybody’s satisfaction. 

"The alleged '15 months of bullying' as far as the school has been made aware, refers to a single reported incident, which took place in September 2015 and was quickly dealt with and resolved, to everybody’s satisfaction. There have been no further issues reported. The Deanery does not tolerate bullying! We have and will always thoroughly investigate any issues that are brought to our attention.

"Speculating about events on social media does not serve in the best interest of our pupils and any victims of bad [behavior]. We would ask all parents and pupils to use the proper channels so we can resolve these difficult and distressing matters in the best possible way."

Sources: Express, Adele Hargreaves/Facebook / Photo credit: Express


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