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Giraffe With Zigzag Neck Treated Normally By Herd (Photos)

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A photographer in South Africa discovered a remarkable giraffe with a zigzag neck.

Mark Drysdale said he discovered the animal while on Safari in Tanzania. Drysdale, a professional wildlife photographer and guide, said he had “never seen anything like it.”

According to reports, the giraffe’s spinal condition was the result of a battle with another male in which the giraffes pushed against each other’s necks to prove their strength. Usually, giraffes that break their necks don’t survive. This particular animal, however, has survived the past five years with the zigzag injury.

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“I found it strange and it was the first time I had seen such a deformity but he seemed to be in good health,” Drysdale said. “The other animals treated it as if it were completely normal and the giraffe seemed to be quite happy.”

The stunning giraffe reportedly adjusted to his disability easily, even changing the way he acquires food to accommodate for the shorter reach. 

“Although males generally take food from higher up trees than females by stretching to their full length, this guy was unable to do that,” Drysdale said. “He just ate at the lower levels where there was more than enough food available!"

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Sources: Inquisitr, The Telegraph

Photo Credit: InquisitrThe Telegraph


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