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Giant Pig Tries To Vote In New Hampshire Primary (Videos)

A giant pig walked up to a polling place in Pelham, New Hampshire, on Feb. 9 (video below).

Police said the escaped swine weighed over 600 pounds, reports.

A Twitter user posted a video of the pig after filming it outside the polling location, along with the caption: "Trump supporter denied voting privilege in NH. #despicable."

"I guess he got out last night and then he was down there by the school this morning where people were voting," Edward Bogush, a farm owner who cares for the wayward pig, told the New York Daily News.

"He wanted to beat me to the polls," Bogush added.

It took police officers about 30 minutes to catch the pig, who was then returned to the farm.

"There was no fear; it was more shock and awe," Police Captain Stephen R. Toom said. "It was like some entertainment while were trying to catch it."

Sources:, Twitter, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: Twitter

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