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Watch: 'Ghost' Throws Furniture Around Hotel Room (Video)

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Alleged CCTV Footage from a security camera at a hotel captured terrifying moments when an “evil ghost” hurled furniture around the room.

In the video (below), a man is seen standing in what looks to be the hotel lobby, before running out of the room. A few seconds later, an armchair begins to slide across the room, seemingly on its own.

Another clip from the same hotel shows a woman sitting alone in a room on her phone. Behind her, chairs begin to move slowly around the room.

When the woman tries to leave the room, two tables and a number of chairs are thrown across the room and slam against the door she was trying to exit through. 

The woman backs into a corner and quickly falls to the floor, lying motionless for the remainder of the video while chairs continue to move around her.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Night Ghost House, and was later confirmed to not be real CCTV footage. Rather, it was a clip from the trailer of the Malaysian film "Bangunan," according to the Mirror.

Nonetheless, the footage appeared to scare many of the YouTube viewers.

“That is some devastating attack,” one commenter wrote on YouTube. 

“Spooky!" another added.  

Watch the video below.

Sources: Daily Mirror, YouTube

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