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George Lopez Under Fire For Ivanka Trump Comments

Comedian George Lopez's recent comments about first daughter Ivanka Trump have sparked controversy.

Lopez was tagged in an Instagram video of two dogs mating by a fan who asked the comedian when they were going to pimp President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, Oxygen reported.

"She's ready!" Lopez responded on the Instagram comment thread.

"Ok then let's get her maybe she should spend some time in Mexico," the fan wrote back.

"That would hurt her brand," concluded Lopez.

Several Instagram users commented on the exchange between Lopez and the fan. Most felt the comments were in poor taste.

"Wow this isn't even funny it's so disrespectful to her. This is bullying," wrote one commenter. "It's weird how comfortable these celebrities feel doing stuff like this. Wasn't he moving to Mexico or Canada or something?

"I use to like his show but seeing how nasty he is I'm really disliking after the last few times he's been in the shade room."

"I don't like Ivanka either but to make disgusting misogynistic comments like this makes half as bad as trump," wrote another commenter.

Other social media users were not quite as ready to jump to the first daughter's defense.

"Everyone saying don't go after his kids. Leave the kids outta this. Well...... The disabled man, the gold star family, saying Arizona senator McCain isn't a war hero because he was captured and tortured, the news rep Megan kelly etc all those people..... They're other people's children too!!" wrote one Instagram user. "So if he could talk about them in a disgusting manner then he shouldn't expect his own to be spared. I'm just saying."

"I dont understand all the fuss about Lopez' comments, when they pale in comparison with the MANY degrading comments about her that came straight from the mouth of the orange [buffoon]?" wrote another. "Not only about her but about many others? And this is okay? None of it is okay, of course, but only made O.B. more popular. Very sad and double standard."

"I would defend Ivanka and Melanie but won't," wrote another commenter. "They stand behind Trump and what he stands for. What him and his cabinet are doing to people, is horrible. They are evil and greedy."

Lopez's controversial comments come just a few months after he publicly defended Ivanka when she was harassed on a Jetblue flight, TMZ reported.

"There has to be a certain amount of respect when someone is with their family," Lopez told the TMZ reporter. "Yeah, that's not cool."

Sources: Oxygen, The Shade Room/Instagram, TMZ / Photo credit: Pixababy

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