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Gay Florida Man Objects To Letters GAY On License Plate (Video)

A gay man in Orange County, Florida, is upset over the license plate on his new car because it includes the letters GAY (video below).

“There are plenty of combinations out there that the state could have used,” Craig Lukas told WFTV. “It was definitely an oversight on the part of the state as far as I’m concerned.”

Lukas and his partner purchased a new Volvo from a car dealership at the end of December 2015, but the car has stayed in Lukas' garage because of the license plate.

“I asked the gentleman who sold it to us, I said, ‘Is this for real?'" Lukas recalled. “And he says, ‘What?’ I said, ‘Look at the license plate.

"He said, ‘Let me see what I can do, Craig.’ He said, ‘I’m sorry, I think every plate we have has the word 'gay' on it.'"

The dealership has since returned the GAY plates to the Orange County Tax Collectors Office, which said in a statement to the news stations, “These plates have been vetted by the state and we see no issue with them.”

The Florida DMV said that license plates issued in the Central Florida area range from GAYA01 to GAYW35, but people can exchange their plates for something different, which Lukas is going to do.

In 2014, WFTV reported on a Florida gay couple, Scott and Daniel Wall-Desousa, who wanted their names changed on their driver's licenses per their same-sex marriage license from New York; Wall-Desousa is a hyphenated version of both of their last names.

A Brevard County, Florida, DMV allowed Daniel to change his last name on his driver's license, but a different DMV refused to change Scott's last name.

Scott had to go to a DMV in Orlando get his driver's license changed.

At the time, John Lucas, press secretary for DMV, said in a statement, "Same sex marriage certificates that are issued by other states are not recognized as valid in Florida and cannot be used as proof of identity."

Sources: WFTV (2) / Photo Credit: WFTV Screenshot

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