Garbage Truck Blows Up In New Jersey, Damages Houses (Video)


A garbage truck caught on fire and blew up in Hamilton, New Jersey, on Jan. 26 (video below).

Officials said one of the truck's natural gas tanks exploded and damaged four houses, including Doris Pattley's home, which had a hole blown threw the front, reports

Pattley said she was in her living room during the explosion, and ran into her kitchen.

"I saw big pieces of steel and stuff like that come flying into my kitchen," she told

She then ran into her backyard, and firefighters pulled her over a fence.

More debris damaged a second house's roof, while two more homes had broken windows and other damage.

Hamilton Police Capt. James Stevens said the two workers inside the garbage truck fled the vehicle when it caught on fire, and were not injured.

According to WPVI, the truck workers tried to extinguish the fire by themselves, but the truck exploded.

Sources:, WPVI / Photo credit: Screenshot Cindy Partyka/YouTube

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