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GAP Manager Furious After Seeing Returned Item (Photo)

A photo from a GAP store showing the note left for employees by management is going viral.

Many shoppers have tried to push their luck when returning items that may be past the accepted return date. One customer, however, took that to a new extreme, as management at a GAP store witnessed when sorting through returns one day.

In a photo shared on Reddit, a returned shirt and vest combo hangs next to a sign posted by a confused store manager.

The sign reads, "Who on Earth accepted this as a return?!?!?! This item is from the summer of 2000! That was almost 17 years ago! Our return policy is 45 days! If you're not sure, ASK! -- Management"

According to the Daily Mail, Reddit user thevintagekid shared the photo with the caption, "I love retail."

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The shirt still had its original tag attached, showing a price of $24.50.

After being shared on Reddit, the photo quickly went viral, with more than 75,000 upvotes and more than 3,500 comments in a day.

"I'm amazed that their POS [point of sale] software would allow a return that old without a managers approval," one Reddit user commented.

Another user responded, "Also amazing that the manager didn't know who accepted the return, which would be nearly impossible at any GAP."

"If someone can manage to keep their original receipt from a clothing purchase for almost 17 years (and have it be in readable condition), damn... They deserve that return," another Redditor commented.

Sources: Daily MailReddit / Photo Credit: thevintagekid/Reddit via Daily Mail

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