Four Girls Attack A Mother In Front Of Her Daughter (Video)


A group of four young women beat a mother in front of her child, as men stood around and watched it all happen (video below).

The video of the four-on-one fight has gone viral since it was uploaded on April 11, with thousands of comments expressing distaste, confusion and theories about the situation.

The video starts with a mother and her daughter walking down a sidewalk as a group of four girls or young women follow them, shouting, reports the Daily Mail. The daughter, wearing a pink T-shirt and pink bandana, is in hysterics, crying and shouting, "I want to go home!" while the mother wraps her arms around her and pushes the girl to keep walking.

The alleged leader of the group of the four girls following the duo begins to shout at the mother, while another group member tries to calm the daughter, and grabs her arms to tell her no one is going to hurt her.

The leader then shoves the mother, who is wearing a white T-shirt. The mother walks toward a nearby group of men, who are leaning against a wall with their phones out to catch the scene on video. She cries for help, asking them if anyone was going to do something.

The leader keeps shouting and the mother turns around and gets in a few punches before the entire confrontation comes to a head. Her daughter is still upset, and she is sobbing in the background. The leader's three friends then jump in, attacking the mother at all angles and pulling her hair.

As the mother tries to retreat into the nearest store -- where the owner was also recording video of the encounter -- the girls rip her T-shirt to shreds and the video ends.

Facebook page Mediatakeout has been spearheading the video's viral spread on Facebook. In the 24 hours since it first published the video, it had reached 5 million views and more than 68,000 shares.

The video's 22,000 comments provide vastly different perceptions of the video.

Some expressed their support for the mother, whom they viewed as protective.

"I literally have tears in my eyes," wrote one commenter. "The mother came to protect her child because she was scared and was trying to get her home safely. A sorry wasted generation of savages."  

Others seemed more preoccupied and shocked by the lack of response from bystanders.

"Are humans so stripped of emotions and consumed with electronics that we forgot about respect and empathy?!" asked one viewer.

Others insisted the video was entirely misinterpreted and used for "click-bait" by Mediatakeout.

One commenter said the situation seemed to have had nothing to do with the daughter being bullied. Instead, she thought this was a confrontation with the mother and the older girls in the video, whom she thought were young adults.

"Pay attention to the words," the commenter said. "They're even saying 'It's okay Ashley we're not gonna do anything to you' The mother also says 'Let me take her home first' These chicks are MUCH older than the little girl. These were 'women' (not mature women, but age wise you can see that they are older than 18). How do you expect a little girl to react in a situation like this? EVERYONE is different. The poor baby was screaming she wants to go home."

WARNING: This video contains graphic language.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mediatakeout/Facebook / Photo credit: Kirill Knlazef/Flickr

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