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Furious Italian Wife Bites Off Finger Of Woman Cheating With Her Husband (Video)

An Italian woman let loose when she discovered that her husband was cheating on her. In a fit of rage, she bit off his mistress's finger during a violent confrontation caught on video (below).

Naples police described the altercation as fairly routine but unusually gruesome.

In the video, an unidentified businessman's wife randomly bumps into her husband's mistress while shopping on a noisy street in the crime-heavy Spanish Quarter of Naples, Italy, and the two immediately break into a physical fight, IJ Review reports. The two kick, punch, scream, and pull each other's hair.

A crowd quickly forms, as onlookers attempt to separate the two while they scream at each other, but no one is able to successfully pull the women apart.

Amid the chaos, the wife chases the cheating woman up the street and pushes her against some scaffolding.

At this point, the husband jumps in and attempts to split up the passionate fight, but the wife suddenly bites off the other woman's finger while she is pointing.

Emergency services arrive seconds later. Police break up the fight, and paramedics rush the fingerless woman to the nearest hospital. The wife walks away with blood stained on her white shirt and a finger on the ground.

At the hospital, doctors reportedly tried to re-attach the mistress' severed finger, but they were unsuccessful, a police spokesman said, according to Daily Nation.

"We are used to seeing street scenes like this with women fighting each other for reasons of passion, but never with such violence," he explained in a statement.

The other woman was reportedly related to the wife, who clearly did not take the news of the pair's infidelity very well.

The Spanish Quarter in Naples is known for being a home to the infamous Camorra mafia syndicate, a formidable and powerful group. Journalist Roberto Saviano exposed the syndicate in an award-winning novel "Gamorrah," which filmmakers later adapted into an acclaimed Italian movie seven years ago.

Sources: IJ Review, YouTube, Daily Nation / Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube


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