Funny Post-Tornado TV Interview In Kentucky (Video)


Tornadoes and the damage left behind, including loss of life, are never funny, but a couple who survived a twister near Mayfield, Kentucky, gave an amusing interview to a local TV reporter May 10 (video below).

An older-looking man -- wearing a "Young and Getting It" T-shirt -- and a woman told WPSD how they survived the storm sitting in their van outside a slaughterhouse, notes FTVLive:

I heard a big noise, sounded like a [unintelligible], I said, 'What in the world is that?' So, I was fixing to get out and he said, 'No, you ain't either.' I said, 'What is that?' and he said, 'That's a tornado.' So he let the windows up and held me down in the seat and I was hollering 'Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!' It was down and it went up and went right over my van, thank you Lord, but that's what happened. It come right over my head.

"I told her to lay down, and I covered her over," the man added.

The reporter asked the couple if they had ever been through a tornado before, and the woman replied: "No, I never seen one in my life ... There's stuff flying in the air. I guess where it done took up here. It was flying all in the air. So, it went behind the slaughterhouse, then it went back up and it came back down and it went down around."

The woman later added, "God had an angel over us and that's what I see. God is good because that van, it tipped little bit and that tornado just went over that van because it came straight to us. And when I said, 'Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!' that tornado went up over his van."

According to The Weather Channel, at least 10 people were injured after a level EF3 tornado hit western Kentucky May 10.

A statement by the Kentucky State Police confirmed that there was damage to homes and businesses, but there were no details as to how bad the damage was.

Sources: FTVLive, The Weather Channel / Photo credit: WPSD via YouTube

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