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Funeral Director's Facebook Post Goes Viral

A funeral director in central Texas wrote a powerful post on Facebook following the hit-and-run death of a 3-year-old in Austin. The message was directed toward the person who hit the child.

The funeral director, Robert Falcon, said the picture of Ethan Maldonado at the funeral inspired him to help Ethan's family and friends, according to WFLD.

Ethan was hit and killed while crossing the street on May 22.  The driver has not been identified or found.  

“When I got back in from the funeral it was a very emotional day, it was a very difficult day," Falcon said.

He said his focus within this case shifted as he knew the family still needed answers about who it was who hit and killed their son.

He wrote an emotionally powerful message on Facebook which has since gone viral, which reads in part: "I spent most of the night Monday and Tuesday morning getting this child ready for his mother and father to see him in a casket because of you. I want you to see these pictures, and I want you to know how much it pains me to know that you would run over a child and not stop to render aid."

He added, “I want that person to see the reality of what they created, it was not a pretty situation, and it wasn't intended to be pretty at all."

Police say it was a truck that hit Ethan.  The Austin Police Department says it has gotten new tips related to the case since the post was made, but it currently does not have new information pertinent to the case.

Sources: WFLD, USA Today / Photo credit: Robert Falcon/Facebook

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