Woman Claims She Has A 70-Inch Butt (Video)

A social media star from Georgia uploaded a video (below) to prove her 70-inch rear is real after many accused her of using Photoshop.

The woman, known only as Raylynn, uploaded footage of herself dancing and shaking her rear, the Daily Mail reports.

Since then, the video has been seen 133,000 times and has shocked internet users all over.

Many believed her images were digitally altered, as the top half of Raylynn’s body is disproportionately smaller than the bottom.

However, while it is not confirmed, it is likely she suffers from lymphoedema -- a condition in which fluid builds up in one’s tissues, causing swelling. It can be painful, as well, making it difficult to move.

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Raylynn captured social media attention for her curves, attracting more than 122,000 fans on Instagram.

In her Instagram biography, she describes herself as a “strong supporter of body positivity,” often promoting messages to empower others.

One meme features a photo of a heavy woman being kissed; the accompanying words say, “No man that loves you will hide you.”

Another reads, “Less relationship goals, more self goals.”

She even pokes fun at herself, including a caption on one photo of her big rear: “Where’s the chair?”

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While some have berated or criticized the woman, others admire her attitude.

“To laugh about yourself, that's very difficult, it takes a lot of self love. Some people say you need to be a little crazy if you do that though. And I think, Who Isn't crazy in this world of today? So, laugh about yourself and be happy,” wrote one person on Instagram.

“She's showing everyone that no matter what they look like they’re still beautiful,” wrote another Instagram user.

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While Raylynn offers additional photos of herself for money, she says she is not interested in releasing sex tapes as some have accused her of doing.

“I'm not a porn star, I'm not going to be a porn star,” she said. “You'd [have] to be talking a million [dollars]. I have a daughter, she doesn't want to see her mama's vagina on the internet.”

Instead, she has set her sights on various other goals.

“Modelling, advertising, workouts is where I'm heading to shape my figure into a better bigger booty. I'm a jiggly m**********. I want a tighter butt. Keep the size of my butt, but let's firm it up,” she said.

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