Office Thief Learns Her Lesson (Video)


An irritated employee noticed that fruit and other snacks kept disappearing from his desk and decided to set up a hidden camera to catch the thief -- with hilarious results (video below).

The YouTube user says he placed a hidden camera on top of his computer screen because he was so fed up with items going missing from his desk.

He wrote in the description: “This guy noticed the fruit on his desk was being taken by somebody, so he set up a technological sting operation to figure it out…”

The clever employee soon caught the cleaning lady who had been stealing his snacks and decided to use the new information to create a screensaver with the thief’s picture. He captioned it with, “I know who you are. Stop stealing my things or I will report you.”

The reaction to the screensaver from passersby was also captured on camera and posted on social media, according to Little Things.

It caught the attention of one employee who walked into the original employee’s office to stare at it. He then brings in another coworker to have a look as he reads it with amusement.

Then, the janitor comes in to clean the room and notices the monitor. At first he is busy doing his job, but then notices the woman on screen. He stares at it for a long time, perplexed, and then chuckles.

Finally, the perpetrator comes into the office, escorted by the janitor, and is speechless once she sees the screensaver. She appears to be disturbed and brushes off the accusation as the two leave.  

The hilarious video received 3.3 million views and more than 16,000 up-votes.

Sources: Little Things / Photo credit: YouTube via Little Things

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