Two People Save Unborn Wombat Baby's Life With Roadside C-Section (Video)


Two friends in Australia performed an emergency roadside C-Section on a dead wombat after discovering that there was a baby still alive inside its pouch.

Dmrenzo Kotze, 21, and 20-year-old Chris Dimasi were driving when they reportedly spotted a dead wombat in the middle of the road. When they stopped to move it off to the side, they discovered a baby, still living, inside its pouch. 

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The pair rushed home and fetched a knife, returning a short time later. Dimasi, a slaughterhouse worker, performed an emergency C-Section on the wombat while Kotze filmed the entire thing. In Kotze's video, Dimasi was seen carefully cutting the mother's pouch while the baby wombat moves backwards. He then cut a small slit and the baby slides out onto the ground. Kotze described the delivery as "exciting."

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Kotze and Dimasi took the wombat home and washed it, before contacting animal rescue. Phil Budich, a representative for the rescue organization, said the friends did a "brilliant job," adding that the baby wombat, nicknamed Whisper, would have been dead within a day had it not been for the heroic rescue. 

Whisper is in Budich's care until he is well enough to be released into the wild.

Watch the amazing video below.

Sources: Mirror Online, YouTube / Photo Credit: Facebook via mirror.co.uk


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