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French Bulldog Protects Home From Trespassing Bears (Video)


A French bulldog was caught on video (below) protecting her owner from two trespassing bears.

In the video, Jewels the dog, who weighs roughly 20 pounds, is seen on surveillance footage confronting two bears that appear outside of her owner’s home. Jewels barks at the bears, who weigh an estimated 100 pounds each and chases them as they try to make their way across the property. 

Jewels then scares the bears away as they make their way back to where they came from.

“[It] blew me away,” Jewels’ owner, David Hernandez, told WSBT-TV. “I couldn’t believe it…she turned into a wolverine.”

The incident took place in Monrovia, California, where bears are common. The surrounding foothills in the area include different kinds of wildlife such as bears, coyotes and mountain lions.

Watch Jewels’ brave attempt to protect her owner’s property below. 

Sources: Facebook/WSBT-TV, YouTube / Photo credit:


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