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Fox News Weatherman Interrupts Anchors For Fashion Emergency (Video)

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Fox News meteorologist Steve Frazier had a fashion emergency earlier this week when he forgot to remove the coat hanger from his suit jacket.

Rather than continue through the segment, Frazier interrupted his fellow newscasters in order to pull the hanger from his jacket and fling it onto the desk.

“I’m sorry,” Frazier says in footage of the scene.

One news anchor asks if he’s got a kink in his neck. Instead, Frazier responds with a laugh and pulls the hanger from his coat.

The anchors respond with laughter and Frazier explains that he thought the feeling of pressure was just from a tight button. Though he tries to move on to his weather forecast, he continues to laugh and decides to explain how the hanger got there.

“Let me tell you the story,” Frazier says. “I went to the gym today and this suit was fitting tight. I couldn’t figure out why, and…I must’ve put it on a little too quick.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube and has been viewed over 500,000 times.

Sources: Yahoo! News, The Huffington Post / Photo Credit: YouTube


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