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Fox News Upset Over Target's Gender-Neutral Toy Labels (Video)

The hosts of Fox News show "Fox & Friends" were upset on Aug. 10 because Target is removing gender-specific labeling from some children's products (video below).

Target announced on Aug. 7 it was going to use gender-neutral phrases on signs for toys and children's bedding, reported the Star Tribune. The retail giant is also going to replace the colored paper on its toy shelves with neutral wood paneling.

To get the latest on this change, "Fox & Friends" went to a live report from Alcides Segui of WTVT in Tampa, Florida, reports RawStory.

After laughing about the change, Segui explained that Target had received emails and social media messages from customers asking for the removal of the gender labels in the kids' sections, which will not affect clothing.

“Wow!” co-host Brian Kilmeade stated as he shook his head.

“How many times have you gone into a store, when I go to buy glasses and all of them are up on the wall, I will ask the person, ‘Are these men’s or women’s?' And either one, either one." co-host Steve Doocy pondered.

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck predicted that Target would change the clothing signs if there are enough letters from customers.

Kilmeade added:

"Who are we helping? The nine people that are upset by this? If you go to buy a gift for a boy who is 9 or 6 or a girl who is 9 or 6, you want to be able to go to that section and pick out a toy they might want. Now you have to sit there and look at a blended area and wonder, 'Is this for a boy or is this for a girl?'"

"I think what they're saying is, 'The boundaries are down, boys and girls can play with the same toys now,'" Doocy replied.

"Great, fantastic," Kilmeade sneered. "There’s going to be some unhappy boys and unhappy girls now.”

Sources: StarTribune, RawStory / Photo credit: Screenshot Fox News


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