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Fox News' Geraldo Rivera Yells At Baltimore Protester (Video)

Geraldo Rivera was trying to interview Maryland State Sen. Catherine Pugh in Baltimore for Fox News on April 28, but an unidentified protester got in the way of his camera shot.

During a live broadcast on "Hannity" (video below), Rivera yelled at the protester, “Come on, get out of the way man!”

“Don’t touch me!” the protestor replied.

“Stop blocking my camera! Stop blocking my camera!” Rivera yelled back.

"Come on, stop it! Stop it! You’re making a fool of yourself!” Rivera told the protester, who countered, “No, I’m making a fool of Fox News.”

Rivera called the protesters "vandals" and told Pugh that they "want trouble."

New York Daily News noted that Pugh told Rivera, "No, they don’t want trouble."

A second unidentified protester yelled, "Stop exploiting black people, Geraldo. Stop making money off black pain.”

Pugh added, "We want our people to go home, but we also need the media to move back, because this is just inciting people.”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly also expressed her anger at Baltimore protesters who yelled at reporter Leland Vittert to leave their neighborhood (video below).

Kelly asked: "This is ridiculous. This is how folks want to be heard? They want to shout down the reporter? They want to endanger him? They want to get in his face? Really?"

Kelly noted Vittert had a security guard and police officer near him, but added, "This is the way folks are dealing with their anger. Shouting down a reporter trying to do his job, trying to bring their message out." has noted the numerous times Fox News personalities have made insulting and degrading comments about the Baltimore protesters.

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Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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