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Fox News Crashes Bernie Sanders Book Signing (Video)

Jesse Watters, a producer and sometimes on-camera personality for Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," crashed a book signing event in New York City on Nov. 14 featuring Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont (video below).

Host Bill O’Reilly set up the "Watters World" segment by complaining that Sanders had not come on his show since becoming a presidential candidate or to sell his new book "Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In."

The location segment began with Watters interviewing Sanders supporters who were waiting in line outside a Barnes & Noble bookstore. He asked them why President-elect Donald Trump won, if Sanders could have won and tried his trademark insults, all edited in with clips from movies and TV shows, in an effort to add humor to the piece.

One female Sanders supporter recognized Watters and warned others: "He's a racist piece of s***! Don't talk to him!"

"Thank you for poisoning the minds of America!" the woman added. "Thank you for poisoning the minds of America! I don't watch you, I see you on the internet with all the others. Get a real angle, you're a hack!"

The woman then identified Watters to nearby police officers.

A few more Sanders supporters gave their opinions about the election, and Watters ventured inside the store.

When Watters approached Sanders with a book in hand, the Barnes & Noble staff tried blocking whoever was filming the scene.

Watters asked Sanders about coming on "The O'Reilly Factor," but the chaos with the store employees blocking the cameraman overshadowed the conversation.

Watters later explained to O'Reilly in the studio that the store would not allow filming.

According to Watters, that part was filmed by someone with a cellphone.

Watters recalled that Sanders didn't reply to his invitation to come on the show, but kept asking him if he wanted a picture taken.

Watters said that the woman who confronted him really got to him when she said he was not good-looking.

The Washington Post described the same book signing as group therapy for some of the 600 Sanders supporters who waited in line for up to 12 hours.

Some fans were so overcome with emotion that they cried after meeting Sanders.

Many of these people felt that Sanders could have won the general election had he not lost the primary to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"These are hard times," Sanders told the newspaper. "The answer is not despair. The answer is not to give up. The answer is to become involved."

Sources: Fox News via YouTube, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Fox News via YouTube

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