Fox News Asks Black People: Say 'Ghetto' 'Slum' (Video)


Jesse Watters of the Fox News show, “The O'Reilly Factor,” recently went to Princeton University to ask black and white students to say "ghetto" and "slum" in an apparent effort to mock those who are offended by some phrases.

"When someone says ‘ghetto’ how do you feel about that?," Watters asked an African-American male student wearing an afro, notes Salon.

"I feel like they should be more careful in their choice of words," the student replied.

Watters then asked a white female student if she felt comfortable saying "ghetto," and she replied, “I probably wouldn’t use it myself, no.” He then goaded the student into saying it.

Next, Watters asked an African-American female student, "Ghetto?" She replied, "Bye,” and walked away. In post-production, Fox News sped up the video to give the woman a cartoonish exaggerated fast walk.

Watters asked the first African-American male student, "Should we say slum?" The student laughed awkwardly in response to Watters’ request.

Watters also tried to see if students would be offended by other words such as "black crime," "Islamic terrorism" and "white privilege."

The heavily-edited interviews were interspersed with clips from various movies to drive home the ridicule.

Watters told one white male student that he had a “gentle soul,” and added that he must get a lot of "girls or boys" around here.

There were more awkward pauses among the students as Watters announced who he was.

In the Fox News studio, host Bill O’Reilly exclaimed, "They didn’t seem as crazy as some of these other college kids who start to cry when they see Donald Trump’s name chalked on a wall or something," referring to unauthorized chalking on some college campuses for the Republican presidential candidate.

O’Reilly went on to say he was "impressed" by the students Watters tried to ridicule for his show. O’Reilly and Watters then laughed about the students who took Watters seriously.

Sources: Salon, Fox News/YouTube / Photo Credit: Fox News/YouTube

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