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Former NFL Quarterback To Host Charity Prom Night

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow plans to give thousands of individuals with disabilities the opportunity to dress up, take photos in full hair and makeup and dance the night away — the full experience of the glitz of prom night.

The Tim Tebow Foundation, Tebow's personal foundation, will sponsor Night to Shine. The event, a prom night themed party for ages 16 and older, on Feb. 13 will take place simultaneously in 45 churches in the U.S., Kenya and Uganda.

Tebow said he thinks this event is special because it gives people with special needs a safe place to have fun while sticking to religious values.

"Jesus is going to shine on this night," said Tebow. "And the special needs community will shine on this night.”

Members of the Tim Tebow Foundation said they decided to put on the event after hosting a similar event at a church last year.

"After seeing the smiles on their faces and the way it impacted their whole family, we were certain this was an event that needed to be shared with the rest of the country," says Erik Dellenback, executive director of the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Each prom will include red carpet entrances with photographers on hand, limousine rides, hair and makeup stations, shoe shiners and dance floors. Tebow said he plans to make a surprise appearance at one of the proms.

The Tim Tebow Foundation will pay for the multinational event, estimated to cost around $600,000.  

Around 7,000 people with special needs plan to attend the various proms across the country.

"It's not just me; it's not just our Foundation," Tebow told People magazine. "But it is all 45 churches and volunteers in 26 states, three countries, coming together to show love and make a difference in more than 7,000 lives."

Sources: PeopleThe Tim Tebow Foundation Photo Credit: Courtesy Tim Tebow Foundation via People


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