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Democratic Volunteer Fired For Tweet About SEAL Widow

A former Clinton and Obama volunteer has lost his job after tweeting controversial remarks about Navy SEAL widow Carryn Owens.

Dan Grilo is facing some serious backlash after tweeting about President Donald Trump's tribute to Navy SEAL William "Ryan" Owens during his first joint address to Congress on Feb. 28, the Daily Mail reported.

Carryn sat next to First Daughter Ivanka Trump during the speech. During the event, the president praised Ryan Owens' service, calling him a "hero" and a "warrior." Trump's words were followed by a standing ovation for Carryn that lasted for about two minutes.

While some people were touched by the moment, Grilo remained critical. He took to Twitter to accuse President Trump of exploiting Carryn's situation to call for more military spending.

"Sorry, Owens' wife, you're not helping yourself or your husband's memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot," Grilo tweeted. "Trump just used you."

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The tweet has since been deleted. He later apologized for the statement, calling it a "poorly worded tweet," but the damage was already done.

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It appears as though Grilo has been let go by Chicago-based Liberty Advisor Group. He was listed as a principal for the firm on his LinkedIn account, according to the Daily Mail.

Liberty Advisor Group confirmed that Grilo is no longer affiliated with the firm. In a statement, the firm described his comments as an "offensive and inappropriate tweet," which was "inconsistent with the Company's values."

"Regardless of whether the comments in the tweet were intended to cause the hurt and anger that they ultimately generated, they were unacceptable to us, and the individual who issued the tweet is no longer affiliated with Liberty," the statement continued.

But Grilo was not the only one who was critical of President Trump's tribute. According to the Daily Mail, Bill Maher tweeted that he "wished (Owens) hadn't allowed herself to be used as his prop like that."

"Parading Owens' widow in front of the nation is incredibly gross after denying responsibility for his death," tweeted another user.

William "Ryan" Owens lost his life during a counterterrorism raid in Yemen on Jan. 29. He became the first military casualty of Trump's presidency, the New York Daily News reported.

During his joint address to Congress, Trump called to boost military spending to "keep everyone safe" and protect the United States from "radical Islamic terrorism."

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