Strange Ship Captured On Footage Next To International Space Station (Photos)


Footage from Russia appeared to show a strange ship floating around near the International Space Station.

The object seen in the video is believed by many to be a spacecraft, though others have said it is a piece of debris. The object was seen floating through space, following the station as it orbited earth. 

The satellite was reportedly waiting for a supplies delivery when the footage was taken in January. While many have claimed the object to be a UFO, skeptics have questioned the authenticity of the film and doubted the claims that the object is a spacecraft.

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The motion of the object, however, does not appear to be consistent with something in orbit. The astronauts speaking on the video's soundtrack do not mention the object at all throughout the course of the clip, according to Daily Mail.

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"Debris from the ISS will have roughly the same speed," one viewer theorized. "It is a thermal insulation board, most likely."

"If it was just space debris they surely would just record it as that for reference?" another viewer questioned, reported Mirror.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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