Video Shows Man's Alleged Spontaneous Combustion (Video)


What may be a rare case of spontaneous combustion has been caught on camera. The video (below) seems to show a man lying on the ground while on fire.

The man was filmed “peacefully” lying in the doorway of a building with flames coming from his stomach and chest on the streets of Novi Sad, Serbia. A man, who may be the filmmaker, can be heard approaching the flaming man asking what was happening.

But the man brushes him off as if being ablaze is second nature. The video was first uploaded on a Facebook page called “Live from the streets of Novi Sad.”

The clip, which is now on YouTube, claims the man was not seriously injured.

The page says it received the video at the end of November 2015, with one commenter saying the man has a reputation on the streets of Novi Sad for “problematic behavior.”

It is unclear if the man had intentionally set himself on fire as a political protest or was a victim to a case of spontaneous human combustion.

Spontaneous human combustion has been named as a cause of death in various documented cases where authorities have found charred corpses without an apparent outside source of ignition.

An estimated 200 cases of the phenomena have been reported, notes Daily Mail. The people apparently bursting into flames are often elderly, sick or under the influence of alcohol, according to Daily Mail.

Scientists have come up with the “wick theory” to explain people seemingly bursting into flames. The concept is that the human body can become an “inside out” candle where the person’s clothes are the wick and their body fat the wax.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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